Extrude Hone to take over the customer service for Bosch Rexroth AG TEM P80 and TEM P350. Bosch Rexroth AG has decided to transfer the entire customer service to Extrude Hone with effect from April 2nd, 2018.

Extrude Hone has been licensed to build and sell Bosch Rexroth AG TEM P80 and P350 machines since mid-2003.

Extrude Hone is providing worldwide support for these machines and as well for the Extrude Hone new generation machines, the T series – T350, T450, T250.

Extrude Hone offers all services that Bosch Rexroth AG customers have received until now, so please feel free to contact us.


Photo: From left to right, Gottfried Schumacher – Vice President Sales Business Unit Assembly Technology, Andreas Wolfrat – Managing Director Extrude Hone GmbH, Roland Dorau – Service management assembly technology, Otto Grohmann – Managing Director Extrude Hone GmbH, Matthias Schiedeck – Service management assembly technology.

Bosch Rexroth AG Letter